Briefly about us

The greenhouse complex is located in Zira settlement

The complex area covers more than 10 hectares

The complex consists of greenhouses of the 4th generation


Specializes in the cultivation of tomatoes

Monthly harvest makes several hundred tons of tomatoes

Production meets hygiene standards, is environmentally friendly, energy and resource-saving



The greenhouse complex Baku Agropark is located in Zira settlement in Baku that is famous for the most delicious tomatoes, and is located on an area of ​​more than 10 hectares.


Baku Agropark is one of the most modern and high-tech agricultural enterprises in the whole region. Greenhouses of the 4th generation of Baku Agropark equipped with modern intensive technologies allow growing several hundred tons of high-quality tomato crops monthly.


Each batch of harvested crops passes mandatory quality control in a modern laboratory. 

The production meets all hygienic standards and is completely ecological.


Large-scale expansion of the greenhouses area is planned for the development of the complex in the near future, which will allow increasing the crop volume several times.


Baku Agropark carries out deliveries both in Azerbaijan and in the countries of CIS and Europe. Cultivated products are sold under the brand tomat.az



Strong agrarian traditions play an important role in the development of a non-oil sector of the country's economy. In this regard, our target is to become a leader in agriculture both in Azerbaijan and abroad by upgrading traditional approaches. To implement these tasks, we created an agrarian complex, where modern technologies and long-standing traditions stand alongside with the latest scientific achievements.


We create a best quality product by combining the centuries-old agrarian traditions, industry innovations and the professionalism of our team.

To fulfill our mission, we:

- We use high technologies in production;
- We create production in accordance with high hygienic standards;
- We attract highly qualified personnel to our team;
- We constantly monitor the quality of products in a modern laboratory;
- We monitor scientific achievements in agro sector;
- We optimize the processes on a daily basis.




"Pink Beef" has high taste qualities, stability in transportation and excellent appearance.


• Main caliber: 80+;


• Average weight of the berry: 220-240 g;


• Corrugated packaging: 8-10 kg;





Baku Agropark holds to the concept of sustainable agriculture covering simultaneously social, economic and environmental factors.

Along with professionals of long-term experience and international experts, Baku Agropark attracts young employees among the local population in order to ensure continuity and employment
of the new generation.

Greenhouses are equipped with advanced technologies and equipment in the field of environmental protection, energy and resource saving.